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Andy Crust has a confident and like-able approach will quickly win over any audience. His repertoire of celebrity singing impersonations will impress young and old alike. Avid music lovers will appreciate Andy's pinpoint accuracy of favourite stars of yesterday and today.  

You won't have to stretch your imagination to pick up famous singers belting out their signature songs. From Elvis to Cee lo Green to Willie Nelson -- Andy captures the voice and the essence of many great performers.


Andy Crust is not only a professional vocal impersonator but an all round Total Entertainer!

In this show, Andy performs the sounds of Michael Jackson, Frankie Valli, Ronan Keating, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers to name a few. In fact the list is endless. With his many faces, and amazing voice he breathes magic and professionalism into this Vocal Impersonations show.

Singing in different styles, Andy is not ashamed to say that impersonations are certainly his forte.

With his infectious personality, stage presence and vocal talents, this show oozes professionalism from beginning to end.


This Show has been Booked by Thomson Gold holiday's Cyprus, Mallorca and Ibiza.

Rangers FC, Hilton Ramada Hotels Pontin's Toyota Pfizer’s, Haven - Air tours but mostly Corporate Client's throughout Europe including Sir John Beckwith Tamara’s Uncle he flew Andy out to Courchevel Ski Resort to perform for his 50th Birthday bash.


Also Andy has appeared in Dubai - The USA - And Switzerland.


Princesses Cruises in USA - South America and the  Caribbean Cruise's


The BBC Followed Sarah Jayne and Andy Around the Country in a small documentary called untold where Their tribute Show to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Show along with The Superstars in Concert were shown!

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